Help Count Saguaros In Your Neighborhood


Did you know the summer of 2020 was the HOTTEST on record in Phoenix? As a result, there were numerous reports of saguaros losing arms or falling down in the Valley. 

Saguaros rely on monsoon precipitation to recover from water lost during the summer months, but without it, they dehydrate and often die - collapsing under their own weight. 

In order to study the impacts of climate change on our local Arizona flora, Desert Botanical Garden launched its first-ever urban Saguaro Census. The project's aim is to locate and count saguaros in the Phoenix area and assess their general size, age, and health.

Would you like to help Desert Botanical Garden count saguaros in your neighborhood? Starting this month, you can help find and track saguaro cacti in your neighborhood using the iNaturalist app. Learn more and get started HERE.