Erica Ptak and Ashley Childers, Desert Dweller Co. Founders 

Inspired by a deeply rooted love of the desert and a passion for water conservation, Desert Dweller Co.® was founded in 2020 by Erica Ptak and Ashley Childers as a tribute to their native state. Driven by the desire to preserve Arizona's landscape and vital natural resources for years to come, Desert Dweller Co.® was created to provide fresh, contemporary designs and a refined selection of products that are stylish, utilitarian, and impactful. With the mission of supporting water sustainability in the Southwest and beyond, Desert Dweller Co. is proud to donate a portion of each sale to conservation initiatives and practical water solutions for communities in need.
Desert Dweller Co. Product Collection


QUALITY | a refined selection of products that are equal parts stylish and utilitarian.

DESIGN | impactful, contemporary designs inspired by the organic beauty of the desert.

CONSERVATION | dedicated to protecting the earth's vital natural resources.

COMMUNITY | a purposeful community for eco-conscious individuals who love the desert. 



SOURCE Desert Dweller Co. Charitable Partnership

We are proud to partner with SOURCE™ in the mission to provide sustainable, off-grid, and self-contained drinking water systems in our arid environment. Ten percent of your purchase will directly support the installation of SOURCE™ hydropanels in Arizona. At Desert Dweller Co., we are dedicated to protecting the earth's vital natural resources by providing ongoing education and water conservation technologies for communities in need. Learn more at source.co.


Desert Dweller Co. Behind The Scenes


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