Sustainable Water Solutions for Communities in Need

By 2050, it is estimated that 6 billion people will suffer from clean water scarcity. Access to clean and sustainable sources of water is one of the world’s most pressing issues and as the climate changes, so will our water supply. 

Desert Dweller Co. was founded as a tribute to our native state and is fueled by the desire to preserve our landscape and vital natural resources for years to come. Desert Dweller Co. is dedicated to providing thoughtful, contemporary apparel, water bottles, home decor and a refined selection of accessories that are equal parts stylish, utilitarian, and impactful.

With the mission of supporting water sustainability in our region and beyond, we are proud to donate a portion of each sale to conservation initiatives and tactical water solutions for communities in need. By partnering with the makers of SOURCE hydropanels in 2020, Desert Dweller Co. has committed 10% of each sale to the installation of self-contained drinking water systems in water-stressed areas within our state. 

SOURCE Hydropanels produce perfect drinking water from the sky, using just sunlight and air. Entirely off the grid and virtually anywhere on the planet. An endless supply of sustainable drinking water for homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, remote work sites and water-stressed communities around the world.

Shop now and help us make an impact on the future of water in Arizona and the global communities at large!