Where is CAP today?

The Central Arizona Project (CAP) is a 336 mile long canal system that runs from Lake Havasu to Tucson, Arizona. Finished in 1993, CAP provides 80% of Arizonans with water from the Colorado River for purposes ranging from agriculture to recreational purposes. But what is CAP doing currently as Arizona’s largest supplier of renewable water to conserve what they have? 

One of the most recent and important conservation projects CAP has been involved with since its inception has been the construction of the Brock Reservoir. The Brock Reservoir project came to be when the usable water supply was not being brought to Lower Basin state users efficiently. In order to prevent the loss of more water, CAP helped to finance the construction of the Brock Reservoir along with others.

The construction of this reservoir has been estimated to save around 70,000 acre feet of water a year for the Lower Basin states. CAP has also been involved with the other Colorado River Basin states and the Bureau of Reclamation in a joint study of the future demand and supply of water from the Colorado River as the changing climate becomes more and more of a threat. 

In addition to supplying water to the people of Arizona, CAP is also prioritizing finding ways to protect water for future generations. 

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